Slatwall Hangrails

Slatwall Hangrails

Slatwall hangrail displays are commonly used by large and small retailers in combination with slatwall fixtures or slatwall panels to display hanging merchandise. Add one of our complete slatwall hangrail displays to your slatwall fixture or wall panel or build a custom slatwall handrail display by combining slatwall round or rectangular hangrail bracket with matching hangrail tubing and end caps.

Our complete slatwall hangrail selection consists of, C shaped slatwall hangrails, and U-shaped slatwall hangrails that are available in black, white or chrome finishes.

To create a custom slatwall hangrail display please follow the steps bellow:

First, you will need to decide what size and style of the tubing you would like to use for your slatwall hangrail display. Our selection consists of round and rectangular hangrail tubing in a variety of sizes.

In the second step, you will select the appropriate style slatwall hangrail brackets that will work match the hangrail tubing that you have already chosen: We carry both slatwall hangrail brackets for round and rectangular tubing in a variety of colors and size options.

To finish, you will need end caps for the particular tubing you have selected.

Fourth and the last step, place your products on your new creation sit back and admire your work. 

If you need assistance choosing or have any questions about slatwall hang rails tubing, brackets and end caps, please do not hesitate to contact us and one of our product specialists will assist you.