Garment Bags and Covers

Garment Bags and Covers

Product Display Solutions offers a large selection of garment bags for both home and retail use.  When used at home the garment bags are most commonly used as clothing storage bags to store away clothing for different seasons, or as dress cover bags, suit cover bags, or clothes bag for the garment that we don’t wear often but want to protect. When it comes to the retail environment use of our high-quality fabric garment bags, they are most commonly used by retailers who sell clothing such as suits, dresses, gowns, etc. We also offer clear plastic garment bags and rolls of clear garment bags that are mostly utilized by dry cleaners.

Our garment storage bags are available in four different sizes.  Each size was designed as a clothes bag for a specific length and style garment. Select from our 36”L, 40”L, 54”L, or our 72”L garment cover.

The 36” L hanging storage bags are most commonly used as kids clothing covers, men's and women’s suit protectors and clothing covers for a variety of other garments that are shorter than 36”

Our 40”L bag covers are most often used as men’s and women's suit covers,  dress covers, and coat covers. However they can be used as a clothes bag for any garment that is shorter than 40” long. 

54” long garment bags are most commonly used as dress bags, long coat covers, and a variety of style of garments that are shorter than 54” in length.

The longest garment cover that we offer is the 72” long cover.  Our 72” long hanging garment storage bag is most commonly used as a gown garment bag and it is commonly referred to as the wedding dress cover bag. 

Not only do we offer different size storage garment bags to meet your garment storage needs we also offer them in different styles to meet budget and quality requirements.  Our selection varies from high-end reusable to low-end disposable garment bags.

Our high-end storage bag selection consists of clear vinyl garment bags, clear plastic garment bags with zipper, vinyl clear garment bags with zipper, 3-gauge vinyl zippered garment bags, PEVA taffeta zippered garment bags, and garment bags with pockets. 

The disposable garment bag selection includes clear plastic garment bags, plastic shoulder protectors, plastic garment bags on a roll, plastic garment covers with open bottoms. 

We hope that you find the garment bag that will best fit your storage and customer’s needs.  If you need assistance selecting or have any questions about our garment covers, please do not hesitate to contact us and one of our product specialists will assist you.