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Z Racks & Accessories

Heavy duty garment z racks are one of our top selling clothing display and storage fixtures. Z racks are commonly used by small and large retailers in stockrooms to hold overflow inventory, restocking, displaying sales, special offers and much more. We offer two different variety of commercial garment z racks: economy z-racks and adjustable high z-racks. Both the economy and the adjustable height commercial clothing z racks are available with a black or orange base and add-on rail.

Our economy z racks upright and hangrial bars are constructed from 1 ½ round tubing, and the base is constructed from 2’ square tubing. The z rack also features 4 industrial casters of which two are locking. None of the casters will have bumpers to protect surrounding items from being scratched.

Adjustable height rolling z rack uprights and hangrail are constructed from 1 ½ round tubing, and the base is constructed from 2” square tubing. The major differences between the two z racks is that the adjustable z rack features adjustable uprights that start at 70” and goes up to 75” or 80” from the ground. The adjustable upright and the bomber casters allow it to display or store a variety of different length garments.

All of our commercial clothing z racks feature 300lbs to 400lbs load capacity, rolling casters, z design for easy storage, ability to hold an add-on rail and easy assembly.

Our heavy duty garment z racks are capable of holding anywhere from 300lbs and up to 400lbs making them high quality and durable commercial grade garment z racks.

Both our economy and adjustable rolling z racks feature 4 casters, two are locking. The industrial style caster makes it easy to move around even when it is fully loaded. Simply load the rack up place it where you need it and lock the casters for security.

As the name z rack suggest the z racks features a z-shaped base design. The z design allows multiple racks to be placed next to each other, making the z racks easy to store while it occupies a minimal amount of space in comparisons to other style racks.

Ability to assemble quickly and ship at lower costs are just some of the factors taken into consideration during the design of the z racks. Our z racks feature three piece base which allows it to be broken down and packed in a smaller box for lower cost shipping. The z rack has a small number of parts that can be put together by one person in a very short amount of time.

If you are looking for heavy duty clothing racks for your home or retail store, z rack garment racks are the way to go. If you need assistance selecting or have any questions about our z racks please do not hesitate to contact us and one of our product specialists will assist you.


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