Folding Bottom Shelf for 5 ft Z-Racks | BLACK

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  • Bottom Shelf For Z Rack
  • Folding Bottom Shelf For 5 Foot Z Rack
  • 5ft Z-Rack Bottom Shelf
  • Bottom Shelf For Z Rack

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This two piece bottom folding shelf in black for 5ft Z rack is an excellent way to add additional level of storage space to an existing Z Rack. The shelf comes complete with brackets and hardware necessary for installation.
Unlike heavy duty one piece bottom shelves for Z -Rack this two piece folding shelf allows for multiple Z-Racks to be nested together for storage without having to take off the bottom shelf. Simply put the shelf in upwards position and nest your Z Racks as you always have.
- Fits 5 ft Z racks
- Folds To Allow Nesting (storage) of Z Rack 
- Black Finish
- Some Assembly Required
- Overall Dimensions: 5ft x 2ft (length x width)
- 5ft Z - Racks
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