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Z Rack Accessories

Our Z RACK accessory selection consists of an ever-growing list of replacement parts and add-on accessories. Currently, our collection includes z rack replacement casters with or without brakes, bottom shelves, Top basket/shelf, 10” height extenders, add-on hangrail and zippered cover.

Z-rack replacement casters are easy to install and will make your z-rack roll around like new. Our zrack replacement casters are available with and without brakes.

Top shelf/basket add-on for our 5’ z rack adds an additional level of storage or display space to the z-rack. It is fast and easy to install.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where your z rack is not tall enough, consider using z- rack height extenders. The z rack high extended will provide you with 10” of additional hanging space. Simply take off the top hangrail and install the height extenders in the uprights and you are done!

Z rack add-on hangrails are a low-cost way to add additional storage and display space to the 5ft z rack. Position the add-on rail at the desired height on the uprights and tighten with the provided hardware and you are done!

Z-Rack accessories are designed to add additional storage space to your existing clothes z rack. If you need assistance selecting or have any questions about our accessories for z racks, please do not hesitate to contact us and one of our product specialists will assist you.


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