H-Rack Accessories

H-Rack Accessories

Our double rail clothing rack accessory selection consists of an ever-growing selection of replacement parts and add-on accessories. Currently, our selection includes double bar rack replacement casters with or without brakes, extension rails, basket toppers, shoe display shelves, add-on rails, and half round add-on rails that will only work with all our double garment racks.

Casters with and without brakes can be used with our double rail racks as add-ons or as a replacement item. All of our double bar racks accept 3/8” casters allowing them to become a rolling double rail rack. We offer a variety of styles and size casters.

Add-on rail accessories for double rail clothing racks will convert a double bar rack into a rack with four hangrails two on each side in no time and at very low cost. Simply place the add-on rail on the base of the double bar clothes rack at the desired height for additional display space.

Extension rails are a money saving accessory for those who are looking to create an aisle display with double bar garment racks. By utilizing the 60” long extension rail between two h racks you are able to create a display that would otherwise require three double rail retail racks at a fraction of the cost.

Half round add-on rails are a great way to utilize the ends of your double rail retail clothing racks. We offer a snap on half round and a twist on the half round. The snap on half round rail will attach to the top rails of your double bar rack and the twist on add-on rail will attach to the frame of the double rail store rack. Choose one or both and maximize your double clothing rack display space.

Toppers for h racks will give you the ability to display items on top of your double garment rack. We offer basket toppers and shoe display toppers. Our toppers for double bar racks are quick and easy to install and will provide you with additional display space at a very low cost.

Double rail retail garment rack accessories are designed to add extra storage or display space to your existing double bar rack. If you need assistance selecting or have any questions about our accessories for double garment racks, please do not hesitate to contact us and one of our product specialists will assist you.