Round Clothing Rack with 36" (dim) Rectangular Hangrail | Black Base

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  • Round Garment Rack with 36 (Dia) Display Rail  BLACK BASE
  • 36" Round Garment Rack

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This folding round garment rack features a chrome 36” diameter display rail that is height adjustable and a matte black base/frame. The adjustable height display rail offers approximately 113” of garment display space while it only occupying 37” square space. The ability to display large quantity of garments while taking up small amount of space in combination with adjustable height display rail is what makes this round rack one of the most popular retail display fixtures. The starting height of the display rail is 44’ from the ground, and it adjusts in 3” intervals up to 66” from the ground. The adjustable height display rail makes this circular rack a versatile retail garment display fixture that can be used to display both shorter and longer garments.
This round rack features a chrome .5” W x 1.5”H rectangular tubing display rail (hangrail) and matt black 1" square tubing base/ frame with adjustable levers. The adjustable levers allow the rack to be leveled on the uneven surface but can also be take off and replace with 3/8” threaded casters to convert the rack into a rolling display.
36" Diameter Rectangular Display Rail (Hangrail)
- Adjustable Height 48" to 66" in 3" Increments
- Includes Set of 4 Pins That Hold Toppers
- Base Fold Flat For Easy Storage & Transport 
Accepts 3/8" Threaded Casters (sold separately)
- Overall Size37"L x 37"W x 48" to 66"H (length x width x height)
- Height Range: 48 (min)" up to  66"(max) (3" Increments)
- Display Rail (Hagngril): .5” W x 1.5”H  Rectangular Tubing 
- Base Constructed From: 1" Square tubing  
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