Round Rail Racks

Round Rail Racks

We offer an extensive selection of round clothing racks and accessories. All of our circular clothing racks are available in a variety of styles and sizes. Our collection consists of 36” & 46” diameter hangnail round retail garment racks in chrome or black finishes. Both the 36” and 46” round clothing racks are available with either a rectangular style hangrail or round style hangrail to meet you display needs.

Round clothing racks are some of the most popular round retail racks commonly utilized by small boutique shops and large retailers. This is due to the round rack’s versatility and ability to be easily adjusted to fit your display needs. Each one of our round clothing racks is also considered to be adjustable clothes rack, folding clothing rack, rolling clothing rack, double round rack, round rack with shelf or basket and much more.

All of our round store fixture racks feature an adjustable height round hangrail. The adjustable hangrail will allow you to set the height of the hangrail from the ground up to meet your garment display needs. For this reason, we can refer to our round clothing rack as an adjustable clothes rack.

Storage and easy transport are some of the other strengths of round racks. All of our round racks can be folded flat to 5” in height making them incredibly easy to transport and or put away when not in need.

Converting our circular clothing rack into a round rolling rack is an easy and inexpensive proposition. All of our round clothes racks come with adjustable levers that can be taken off and replaced with one of our 3/8” threaded casters to convert into a round rolling rack. Adding casters to round racks will give them the ability to be re-positioned with ease and at moment’s notice.

Taking one of our round garment racks and converting it into a double rail round clothes rack is another one of those inexpensive and easy propositions. We offer additional round rails for both the 36” and 46” round racks that can easily be attached to the base of the round rack with provided attachments converting your single rail round rack into a double rail circular rack.

Adding a topper or a basket to one of our round clothing racks will provide you with additional shelf display on the top of the round clothes rack allowing you to maximize the round rack’s display potential. We offer a variety of different toppers for our round racks that will allow you to utilize every inch of the round rack.

Round racks are a must have display fixture for any retailer selling garments. Round racks will give you the ability to display the largest quantity of garments while utilizing the least amount of showroom space.

If you need assistance selecting or have any questions about our round clothes racks please do not hesitate to contact us and one of our product specialists will assist you.