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  • Double Bar Pipe Clothing Rack  Gloss White
  • Double Bar Pipe Clothing Rack  Gloss White
  • Pipe Rack Rolling Casters
  • Pipeline Double Rail Rolling Ballet Clothing Display Rack Topper Optional
  • Anthracite Grey Finish Pipe Rack Sample

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This double rail pipe clothing rack (frame only) features a connection for a topper shelf, two 48” display rails, four rolling casters and plumbing pipe construction. We offer a wooden topper (SKU 4069 -sold separately), or you can use a custom topper of your choice. Recommend topper size is 60”L x 28”W. When combined with a topper this double rail pipe rack becomes greater cross-merchandising display fixtures. This rack is constructed from a 1” 1/4” plumbing pipe and various plumbing connectors that give it the industrial/urban look. Four rolling from which two are looking for additional stability make it easy to move the rack around a showroom floor even when fully loaded.
Combine this double rail pipe clothing rack with our other PIPELINE COLLECTION clothing racks to creating a vintage, urban or industrial look and feel display.
- (2) 48" L Display Rails (Hangrail)
- Ability to Add a Topper
- Recommended Topper Size 60"L x 28"W
- (4) 3” Caster (two are locking)
- Anthracite Grey Finish
- Overall Size: 48”L x 24”W x 52” H (length x width x height)
- Display Rail Length (Hangrail): (2) 48" Long Each 
- Constructed From: 1 1/4" Industrial Plumbing Pipe 
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