Pipeline 2 Way Adjustable Height Rolling Clothing Rack | GREY

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  • Pipeline 2 Way Adjustable Height Rolling Clothing Rack  GREY
  • Pipeline 2 Way Adjustable Height Rolling Clothing Rack  GREY
  • Pipe Clothing Rack Caster
  • anthracite gray color sample

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This adjustable height 2-way pipe clothing rack with two 13” L garment display arms (faceouts) and four rolling casters (2 are locking) is part of our anthracite gray pipeline clothing rack collection. The two 13”L display arms (faceouts) have pipe end caps that prevent the garment from sliding off. Display arms can be adjusted in height starting with a minimum height of 44” from the ground and adjusting all the way up to 72”H from the ground. The adjustable height feature gives this two-way pipe rack the ability to display a range of garment lengths, and the 1.25 plumbing pipe construction makes it durable and stylish at the same time. Ideal for creating a vintage, urban/ industrial look and feel showroom display.
Combine this two way pipe rack with our other PIPELINE COLLECTION display fixtures to create a modern, unique, urban, industrial style display on your showroom floor..
- (2) 13"L Display Arms (faceouts)
- Adjustable Height From 44” to 72” High
- (4) 3” Caster (two are locking)
- Anthracite Grey Finish
- Overall Size: 21”L x 21”W and 44” to 72”H (length x width x height)
- Display Arm's (Faceout's): (2) 13" Long
- Constructed From: 1 1/4" Industrial Plumbing Pipe
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