Combo Shelf & Faceout Racks

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Combo Shelf & Faceout Racks

Designer 400 series clothing racks with shelves also commonly referred to as combination racks or multi-purpose racks are best known for their ability to display hanging and folded merchandise on a single display. We offer different styles of designer 400 series combination garment racks.

Our selection consists of t stand rack with four shelves, two arm rack with four shelves, and double hangrail rack with eight shelves. All of our garment racks with shelves are constructed from 1” square tubing for durability and are painted black with matte finish. Shelf choices consist of black, white, grey, and almond. Each one of the designer 400 combination clothing racks has its own strength/benefit.

Our Two arm/four shelf combination clothing rack is a space-saving two-sided display that provides you with the ability to display both hanging and folded merchandise all on one rack. It is the smallest of our designer 400 series racks occupying the least amount of the space. The rack features adjustable height arms and shelves making it a versatile display to meet a variety of different display needs.

T stand combination garment racks feature three-sided viewing. The two hangnail arms give it the ability to hold hanging merchandise on the side and the four shelves that are adjustable in height offer ability to display folding merchandise. The T stand rack is ideal for the environment where space is limited but 3-sided displays are ideal.

Lastly one of our designer 400 series clothing racks is our double hangrial with shelves combination clothing rack. This rack is also sometimes referred to as “H rack with shelves”. This rack features two 36” long hangrail bars and eight 13” x 24” shelves that are independently adjustable in height.

Designer 400 series racks are one of the most popular cross merchandising garment racks on the market. If you need assistance selecting or have any questions about our combination clothing and garment fixtures, please do not hesitate to contact us and one of our product specialists will assist you.