Two Arms & Four Shelves Combination Clothing Rack | Black Shelves

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  • Two Arms & Four Shelves Combination Clothing Rack  Black Shelves
  • Two Arms & Four Shelves Combination Clothing Rack  Black Shelves

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This double sided combination clothing rack features two push button, height adjustable, 16” long display arms on one side and four height adjustable 13” x 24” plastic bullnose shelves on the other side. Combination clothing rack is a space-saving two-sided display that can display both hanging and folded merchandise all on one rack. It is the smallest of our designer 400 series racks, occupying the least amount of the space. This rack’s frame is constructed from 1" x 2" rectangular tubing, and it features textured black finish.
Each one of the four shelves on this double-sided combination clothing rack is independently height adjustable at 1” intervals, making it a versatile display that will meet a variety of different display needs. Use as many as one or all four shelves to create a display setup that meets your needs.
- (2) Height Adjustable 16” Long Display Arms 
- 1" x 2" Rectangular Tubing Construction with Matte Black Finish 
(4) Casters / Wheels (two are locking)
- (4) 24”W x 13”D Height Adjustable Shelves
- Shelf Color : Black
Shelf Material: Plastic injection-molded bullnose shelves
- Overall Size: 24"L x 40"D x 58"H (length x depth x height)
- Shelf Size: 24"W x 13"D (width x depth)
- Frame Dimensions: 1" x 2" Rectangular Tubing
- Display Arm (Faceout's): (2) 16" Long Each
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