4 Way Clothing Display Rack w/ 4 Slanted Flag Arms | Chrome

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  • Retail 4 Way Fixture With  (2) Straight & (2) Slanted Display Arms | CHROME
  • 4 Way Clothing Display Rack with 4 Slanted Flag Arms | Chrome
  • 4 Way Clothing Display Rack | Four Slanted Flag Arms | Chrome
  • 4 way rack with 4 slanted adjustable height display arms

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This chrome 4 Way apparel rack features (4) rectangular 18” long slanted display arms with 7 retaining studs on each arm and push-button adjustable height. The push-button independently adjustable height display arms give this 4-way apparel rack the ability to hold a range of different size garments and the 28 retaining studs provides the capacity to hold up to 28 different garments. Set the display arms at desired height and start to display shorter garments such as t-shirts or longer clothings such as pants and dresses on a single rack. Each arms height is independently adjustable starting with a minimum height of 50” from the ground and adjusting up to a maximum height of 72” from the ground in 3” intervals
The chrome 4-way apparel rack also features 1” square tubing base with adjustable levelers and swedge sing receiver on one of the 4 display arms. The adjustable levers allow the rack to be leveled on the uneven surface but can also be take off and replace with 3/8” threaded casters to convert the rack into a rolling 4-way display fixture where the swedge sign receiver makes it easy to add a promotional sign to the rack.
(4) 18" long slanted display arms with 7 retaining studs each
Arms height is adjustable every 3’’ from 50’’ to 72’’ high
.5’’W x 1.5”H Rectangular display arms
Swedge receiver for sign holder
Computable with 3/8" threaded casters
- Chrome finish  
- Overall Width x Depth: 42"W x 42"D (width x depth)
- Overall Height Range: 50 (min)" up to  72"(max)
- Arm Face-Out Dimensions: 16"L x .5"W x 1.5"H (length x width x depth)
- Base Width x Depth: 34" x 34" (width x depth)
Base Constructed From: 1" Square tubing

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