Straight 5J Hooks Replacement Arm All Rectangular | Fits .5" x 1.5" Base

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  • Chrome Rectangular 2 & 4 Way Rack Straight With 5J Hooks Replacement Arms
  • Straight 5J Hooks Replacement Arm  All Rectangular | Fits .5" x 1.5" Base

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Chrome 16” long straight replacement arms with 5J hooks are made from .5 x 1.5” "rectangular tubing and are designed for use with our 2-way and 4-way garment racks with .5 x 1.5” rectangular base / frame / upright. Changing up the look of your rectangular 2-way and 4-way racks display at moment’s notice.
This chrome rectangular replacement arm features 16” long straight display arm with 5J hooks allowing you to display up to five different items such as purses (and so on) on a single display arm as well as well as 30” long and .5 x 1.5” rectangular insert. The .5 x 1.5” rectangular inset makes it a perfect fit for rectangular base / frame / upright racks where the 30” long stem with push button makes it easy to install, and it also gives it the ability to be adjusted in height once installed.
18"L x .05"W x 1.5"H straight face-out with 5j hooks
Fits 2-Way & 4-Way Racks with .5 x 1.5 rectangular base / frame 
- Chrome finish
Sold in case of 4
- Insert Dimensions:  .5" x 1.5" rectangular tubing 
- Insert Height: 30"Long 
- Arm Face-Out Dimensions16" x .5" x 1.5" (length x width x depth)
- Fits: .5" x 1.5" rectangular Base / Upright / Frame
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