Gridwall Display Units

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Gridwall Display Units

Gridwall displays are one of the most cost-effective ways to display merchandise. Here at Product Display Solutions, our selection of gridwall fixtures consists of an ever-growing list of grid wall displays that are available in black, white, and chrome finish.

Currently, our wire grid display selections consist of gridwall tower displays, two-sided grid display racks, three-sided wire grid displays, gridwall 4-way units, small h-rack gridwall fixtures, grid pinwheel displays, and a combination of 4-way grid display and gondola grid displays with a two-sided freestanding gridwall display.

  • The gridwall tower display features a 14”W x 72”H grid panel that offers double sided display making it ideal for the environment where presenting two-sided merchandise is required. 

  • Our two-sided grid display racks consist of a T base and your choice of grid panels. The two-sided grid floor fixture will give you the ability to display merchandise on both sides of the grid panel and it is ideal for environments where space is limited and double sided displays are a plus. 

  • Three sided gridwall fixtures feature three 2ft wide panels that are connected to a triangular base with casters making it easy to move around. Each side of the display will provide you with 2ft wide display spaces and the height of the display can be anywhere from 4ft and up to 8ft. 

  • A four-way grid wall display consists of four- 2ft wide grid panels and your choice of 4ft and up to 8ft height panels in combination with a 4-way grid base with casters making the gridwall fixture easy to move around your showroom floor. The four-way gridwall racks offer the greatest amount of display space when considering the amount of the space that it takes up. 

  • The gridwall small h rack display consists of 3 - 2ft wide gridwall panels and your choice of 4ft and up to 8ft height panels that seat on an H stay base with casters making the grid rack easy to move around your showroom floor. As the name “H rack” suggest the grid fixture is designed in an H style. This rack will feature a total of (4) 2ft wide display areas: two on each end of the grid rack and two in the center. 

  • The biggest and the most popular retail display fixture is our gridwall gondola display also often referred to as pinwheel grid fixture. The grid gondola fixture is constructed from (4) 2ft wide gridwall panels and your choice of 4ft and up to 8ft height panels that seat on a gondola stay base with or without casters. The gondola wire grid rack features (6) 2ft wide display areas: two are located on each end of the grid rack and four in the center. 

Select your choice of pre-built gridwall display and combine it with one of many different available grid accessories or build your own by combining the desired size grid panel with your choice of gridwall base. To see all our gridwall panels and accessory options we recommend that you browse our gridwall products category.

If you need assistance selecting or have any questions about wire grid display racks, please do not hesitate to contact us and one of our product specialists will assist you.