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Display Tables

Retail display tables are commonly utilized by both large retailers and small boutique shops to display a variety of different products.  Our display table section consists of an ever growing list of retail display tables. Our current selection consists of retail nesting tables, square 3 tier display tables, rectangular tiered display tables, oval 3 tier retail tables, A-frame 3 tier table displays and pipeline nesting tables.

Our retail wood nesting tables are one of our most flexible store display tables due to their ability to fit under each other to occupy a small amount of space when the additional tables are not needed. Choose from black or maple finish in three different sizes. Current available sizes are 32"W X 24"D x 19"H, 40"W X 30"D x 24"H, 48"W X 36"D x 29"H.  if you need only two nesting display tables then we recommend purchasing two bigger sizes or two smaller sizes.

Square three tier display tables are our tiered display tables with the smallest foot print, offering four sided and three levels of product display space. The three-tier retail store table has approximately 29 square feet of display space with a foot print of 4' x 4'. 

Rectangular 3-tier display table offers four sides and three levels of product display space.  Ideal for using in a retail environment where available space is not equal on all sides or to define the space. The clothing display table offers approximately 30 square feet of display space with a footprint of 5ft x 3.5ft.

The Oval three tier display table is much like our rectangular display table. It offers three levels of display space and is accessible from all four sides. The clothing display table offers approximately 30 square feet of display space with a footprint of 5ft x 3.5ft.

A frame 3 tier table display is unlike any other 3 tier table.  It features 3 levels of uninterrupted display space and two points of access.  Where the top tier offers  17"  X  51", middle tier 25” x 51”, and the bottom tier 33” x 51” of display space. 

Pipeline nesting tables collection consists of individual or nesting display tables that feature a base that is constructed from plumbing pipe in matte white, matte black or Anthracite grey with a wood topper.  Our pipeline collection nesting tables can be purchased individually or as set.  Place these pipe nesting tables on your retail showroom floor to create an industrial feel and look retail showroom display set up or use

If you need assistance selecting or have any questions about retail display tables, please do not hesitate to contact us and one of our product specialists will assist you.


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