4 Way Clothing Rack w/ 2 Slanted & 2 Straight Flag Arms | Black

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  • Texture  Black 4 Way Rack With tow 16" Long Straight and Two 18" Long Slanted Display Arms
  • 4 Way Rack With (2) Straight & (2) Slanted Display Arms | Texture Black

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This texture black 4-way display rack features two slanted arm with 7 retaining studs and two 16” long straight rectangular display arm. The mixture of two different style display arms makes it an ideal cross merchandising 4-way display fixture. Each one of the display arms on this four-way garment rack can independently be adjusted in height by a push of a button. The arms lowest point is 50” from the ground and can be adjusted up to 72” in height ground in 3-inch intervals . The push button adjustable height features give this 4-way rack the ability to hold short garments such as t-shirts, shorts, pants or longer garments such as dresses and so on.
The matt black 4-way garment rack also features 1” square tubing base with adjustable levelers and swedge sing receiver on one of the 4 display arms. The adjustable levers allow the rack to be leveled on the uneven surface but can also be take off and replace with 3/8” threaded casters to convert the rack into a rolling 4-way display fixture where the swedge sign receiver makes it easy to add a promotional sign to the rack.
(2) 16” L straight display arms with retaining studs
- (2) 18” L waterfall display arms with 7 retaining studs each
Arms height is adjustable every 3’’ from 50’’ to 72’’ high
.5’’W x 1.5”H Rectangular display arms
Swedge receiver for sign holder
Computable with 3/8" threaded casters
- Texture back finish  
- Overall Width x Depth: 42"W x 42"D (width x depth)
- Overall Height Range: 50 (min)" up to  72"(max)
- Arm Race-Out Constructed From: .5"W x 1.5"H (width x depth)
- Base Width x Depth: 34" x 34" (width x depth)
Base Constructed From: 1" Square tubing

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