Metal Clothes Hangers

Metal Clothes Hangers

Very often when we think of wire hangers we think of the type of metal hangers we get when picking up our dry cleaning from a laundry place next door.  Our metal clothes hangers are much stronger and durable than those.  Our heavy-duty wire hangers are constructed from 3/16” heavy gauge steel wire and are finished with polished chrome making them durable and stylish. This heavy duty wire hangers will support your heaviest coats and jackets without bending or sagging.

Wire clothes hangers were extremely popular and were heavily used hangers in the past, they have now more frequently been replaced with a lower cost plastic hangers.  Metal hangers have started to make a comeback and are commonly used in fashion-forward retail shops who are going for silk and modern or vintage look and feel.

Our ever-growing selection of wire metal hangers consists of a variety of different sizes and styles. Currently, in our online store you will be able to find metal hangers, vinyl covered metal hangers, salesman metal hangers, and bedspread/drapery hangers.

Our metal hanger selection consists of a variety of different styles of wire hangers: wire coat hangers, metal pant hangers, suit metal hangers, children’s wire hangers, shirt wire hangers, dress metal hangers and much more.

Our vinyl covered wire hangers are also constructed from 3/16” heavy gauge steel wire and can hold the weight of heavy garments without bending of flexing. The metal wire of the hanger is covered in vinyl material hence the name vinyl cover hanger.  The vinyl cover metal hangers were designed with one function in mind and that is to prevent the clothing from slipping off the hanger. The vinyl coating will hold your garment in place and the swivel hook will give you the ability control the orientation of your hanger.

Wire hangers with a loop or otherwise known as salesman metal hangers get their name do to round loop that is located on the neck of the hangers which allows multiple hangers to be snuggly place together using metal diaper pin rod.  By utilizing the metal diaper pin rod in combination with a salesman hanger it becomes easier to transport and store a greater number of garments in a garment bag. Salesman hangers like all of our other metal hangers are constructed from 3/16’ heavy gauge steel capable of holding heavy garments without bending or sagging.

Bedspread or drapery hangers make storing and/or displaying of blankets, comforters and sleeping bags a breeze. Constructed from heavy duty metal wire which will not bend or sag under the weight of bedspreads or drapery. All of our bedspread hangers feature 22” width allowing the retail customer to see the fabric in detail.

Our wire hanger selection consists of a variety of different sizes and styles to help you meet your display and storage needs.  If none of our metal hangers meet your display or storage requirements, we urge you to look at our other clothes hanger’s categories.

If you need assistance selecting or have any questions about metal clothes hangers, please do not hesitate to contact us and one of our product specialists will assist you.