Double Bar Retail Clothing Display Pipe Rack | MATTE BLACK

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  • Double Bar Retail Clothing Display Pipe Rack | MATTE BLACK
  • Double Bar Retail Clothing Display Pipe Rack  MATT BLACK

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The matte black double rail pipe rack also often referred to as H rack or straight rack is constructed from a 1.25” round industrial plumbing pipe and various plumbing connectors making it durable and stylish at the same time. The plume pipe construction gives it vintage look and feel. Ideal for creating a vintage/urban look and feel display.
This double rail pipe rack features (2) 63” long display rails that are 30” apart and are independently adjustable in height. The height is adjustable at 3” intervals starting with the lowest height of 48” and going all the way up to 72” tall.
To add additional versatility to this attractive urban looking double rail pipe rack combine it with a topper shelf and rolling casters (sold separately).
NOTE: Casters sold separately.
- (2) 63"L Display Rail (Hangrial)
- Adjustable Height From 48” to 72
- Optional Casters (5004 5005) sold separately
- Matte BLACK Finish
- Overall Size: 63"L x 30”W and  48” to 72”H (length x width x height)
- Hangrail  Height: 48" Minimum and 72 Maximum
- Hangrail Length: (2) 63" Long
- Base Dimensions: 48"L x 30"W
- Constructed From: 1 1/4" Steel Plumbing Pipe
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