Collapsible Rolling Racks

Collapsible Rolling Racks

Portable clothes racks also sometimes referred to as folding clothes rack or collapsible clothes rack are one of our best-selling rolling clothes racks due to their ability to be used in a variety of different settings. These collapsible garment racks are the perfect solution for those who need a rack on go. The portable garment rack will go from a full free standing display fixture to a 5” folded garment rack within minutes. The folding garment rack’s ability to be folded makes it easy to transport and extremely easy to store.

Portable clothing racks are commonly utilized by both large retailers and small boutique shops on the showroom floor to display clearance items, sales items, or in the back room to store overflow inventory. We offer two different styles of collapsible garment racks. A single rail folding garment rack and double rail portable garment rack.

Our single rail foldable clothes racks are available in two different sizes. The pop-up foldable clothes rack considered to be a small clothing rack, featuring 38” hangrail with two 11” pull out extension and it folds flat to 39” x 10’ x 5” for easy transport and storage. Our other single rail collapsible portable clothes rack considered a large collapsible rack features 48” long hangrail with two 12” pull out extensions and it folds flat to 52” x 24” x 5” for easy transport and storage.

If one of our single rail portable clothes racks doesn’t offer enough hanging space for your needs, please consider our double rail collapsible rolling clothing racks. Our double rail portable hanging racks offer twice as much display or storage space in comparison to our large collapsible single rail rack. Double rail folding clothes rack feature two 48” long hangrails with 12” long extensions on each end of the hangrail, and it folds flat to 54” x 25” x 7” for easy transport or storage.

Whether you are looking for a home or retail clothing storage solutions, the portable garment racks are the way to go. Select from our wide variety and combine it with one of the accessories to take it to the next level.

If you need assistance selecting or have any questions about our collapsible clothes racks please do not hesitate to contact us and one of our product specialists will assist you.