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Accessory Racks

We offer a variety of different accessory display racks to help you display your accessories such as hats, belts, ties, scarfs, handbags and much more. Our accessory rack selection consists of tie racks, belt racks, tie and belt rack combos, scarf racks, purse racks and much more. All our accessories racks are available in multiple styles and sizes to help meet your accessory display needs.

Our tier racks also often referred to as tie holders is a mullite purpose accessory rack capable of displaying belts as well. The tie holder’s ability to hold belts makes it a belt racks as well, which sometimes is referred to as belt displays or tie and belt rack. Our selection of belt and tier racks consist of: spinner belt and tie holders, two level spinner tie and belt displays, two level non spinner tie belt rack. Belt and tie racks are designed to display belt and ties, but their capabilities don’t stop there. Become creative and find your own way to utilize of our belt and tie racks.

The purse rack also sometimes referred to as purse holder or handbag rack is available as a 4-way purse stand or a 2-way purse holder.

Our 4-way purse displays are available with 8 straight faceout arms or 8 slanted faceout arms.

The 2-way purse rack stand features 4 waterfall style arms.

Each one of the arms on either the 4-way or the 2-way purse display stand features 5 J hooks designed with handbags in mind. Our purse racks are designed to be used as handbag displays, but their capabilities don’t stop there. The 5J hooks on the arms of the racks can also hold scarfs making it an ideal scarf display as well.

Create an attractive and efficient display for your accessories with one of our accessory display racks and start selling more. If you need assistance selecting or have any questions about our accessory display fixtures, please do not hesitate to contact us and one of our product specialists will assist you.


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