41" Wide Pipeline Adjustable Height Rolling Clothing Ballet Rack | WHITE

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Condition: New
Weight: 34.00 LBS
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  • 41 Pipe Clothing Rack  Adjustable Height Gloss White
  • Pipe Rack Height Adjustment Lever
  • Pipeline Rack Corner
  • Pipeline Rack Casters Locking
  • Pipeline Rack Casters Non Locking
  • Pipe Rack Base Connector

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This gloss white, adjustable height ballet bar pipe rack features a 41” long garment display rail that is height adjustable and (4) rolling casters (2 are locking). The 41”long displaying rails starting height is 48”H from the ground and going all the way up to 72” tall. Just like all of our other pipe racks this single rail ballet bar rack is constructed from is 1.25” round plumbing pipe and various plumbing connectors, making it durable and stylish at the same time.
Combine this pipe rack with one of our other PIPELINE COLLECTION Rack to create a modern, unique, urban, industrial style display on your showroom floor.
- 41"Long Display Rail (Hangrail)
- Adjustable Height Display Rail 44” to 72”
- (4) 3” Caster (two are locking)
- Gloss WHITE Finish
- Overall Size42.5”L x 24"W &  44” -72” H (length x width x height)
- Display Rail Height (Hangrail): 44" Minimum and 72 Maximum
- Display Rail Length (Hangrail): 41" Long
Constructed From: 1 1/4" Industrial Plumbing Pipe 
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