40" & 54" Garment Bags

40" & 54" Garment Bags

Our wholesale suit bags and dress cover bag inventory consists of durable heavy duty covers and economy low-cost garment bag suitable for retail or home use.

Whether you are looking to use our suit/dress garment bag covers at home to store your suits, coats, and dresses, or in your retail store as a carrying bag for your customers when they purchase suits, coats, or dresses from your shop.  We hope that this large selection of low-cost plastic bags and high-end heavy duty garment bags will have the items you are looking for.

Our low-cost wholesale selection of suit, dress, and coat covers consist of clear overlap plastic garment covers without a zipper or enclosed bottom. 

Our heavy duty, high-end selection of suit, dress, and coat garment covers consist of 40” L and 54” L vinyl zippered protection bags that are durable and reusable.  Available in a variety of colors to meet your retail store color requirements. These bags are ideal for use in retail environments were high-end suits, and garments are available.

If you are unable to find a garment bag that meets your requirements in this category of available cover bags, we urge you to look at our other bag covers options. If you need assistance selecting or have any questions about our dress, coat or suit garment covers, please do not hesitate to contact us and one of our product specialists will assist you.

                                                                    SIZE GUIDE
36” Bag cover Ideal for use with: Men’s Suits, Women’s Pant Suits, Shorts, Children Apparel.
40” Bag covers Ideal for use with: Men’s Suits
54” Bag covers Ideal for use with: Dresses, Full Length Coats, and Men’s Suits.