Hangers & Covers

Hangers & Covers

When it comes to clothes hangers, Product Display Solutions is your number one source for clothing hangers at wholesale prices. Our selection consists of dresses, shirt, pant, suit, coat, children’s, and lingerie clothing hangers. Whether you are looking for home closet hangers or cheap hangers for your retail store we can help. 

Each one of the different styles of clothes hangers is designed to serve a different purpose.  Choose from our selection of plastic hangers, metal hangers, velvet hangers and wooden clothes hangers.

If you are looking for a low-cost durable solution to display or store your garments our plastic retail hangers are the way to go. Our plastic clothes hangers are available in black, white and clear finish capable of displaying a variety of different garments. Our selection consists of plastic dress hangers, plastic shirt hangers, plastic pant hangars, plastic skirt hangers, plastic children clothing hangers, and plastic suit hangers. 

Wooden hangers are a quick, easy and cost-effective way to create an upscale look and feel.  Our wood clothing hangers are available in the natural and walnut finish as well as in a variety of different styles.  Whether you are looking for a wooden coat hanger, wooden pant hangers, wooden dress hangers, wooden shirt hanger, and or wooden skirt hanger we can help.

Metal clothing hangers provide a slick look and feel. Commonly used in environments where a clean and fashion forward look and feel are required.  All our metal clothes hangers are constructed from heavy duty 3/16-inch steel rod in chrome finish making them attractive and durable at the same time.  Our selection consists of metal dress hangers, metal shirt hangers, metal pants hangars, metal skirt hangers, metal children clothing hangers, and metal suit hangers. 

Velvet hangers also referred to as slim-line hangers are some of our most popular hangers due to a large number of features.  As the name implies the velvet slim line hangers feature an exterior velvet coating with a slim and durable design. The velvet coating will make your clothing stick to the hanger and stop garments from sliding off while at the same time preventing your clothing from stretching around the neck area. The velvet clothes hanger’s slim design will enable you to store more clothing in a small area in comparisons to other style hangers.  Or selection of velvet clothing hangers consists of velvet shirt hangers, velvet pant hangars, velvet skirt hangers, and velvet suit hangers.  Combine our valet hangers with finger clips which will allow you to coordinate pants and skirts with tops and jackets making a single hanger even more functional and space saving.

We offer a variety of different styles of clothes hangers for a variety of different storage and display needs. If you need assistance selecting or have any questions about different style clothing hangers, please do not hesitate to contact us and one of our product specialists will assist you.