Hanger Accessories

Hanger Accessories

Our clothing hanger accessory selection consists of a variety of products that are intended to help with storage of hangers, improve hanger usability, and retrieving of clothes hangers.  

When it comes to hanger storage solutions hanger stacker are the way to go. We offer two different styles of clothes hanger stackers.  Rolling and freestanding hanger stackers.  Our rolling hanger stacker features 3 levels for storing hangers and 4 rolling casters making it easy to move around even when fully loaded.  Our free-standing clothes hanger stacker works great next to the check-out register due to their size and ability to hold a variety of different style hangers.

Have you found yourself in a situation where your clothing keeps sliding off the hangers? If so we have the solution.  Our non-slip hanger strip attachments are designed to solve this problem.  We offer two different styles of hanger attachments that will solve a slip problem. The first option is the Non-Slip rubber hanger grip and the second option is the foam adhesive non-slip strip.  Our Non-slip rubber attachment is 4” L and attaches to a traditional top hanger where our non-slip foam strip attachment can be glued virtually to any style hanger converting it into a non-slip hanger in seconds.

Retrieving hangers from difficult to reach areas is a job for a hanger retriever. Our hanger retriever is 54” L and it features a wooden handle for stylish and easy grip.

Organizing clothing hangers and creating a clean and organized environment in your stock room, dressing room, next to your register or any space, can be done with ease when utilizing one of our hanger stackers. Converting hangers into non-slip hangers is an inexpensive and simple proposition when considering one of our hanger non-slip attachments.

If you need assistance selecting or have any questions about hanger accessories, please don’t hesitate to contact us and one of our product specialist will assist you.