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Grey Pipeline Wall Units

Anthracite grey pipeline outrigger retail displays are commonly utilized by both large retailers and small boutique shops to create a wall mounted urban feel and look showroom displays.  Pipeline wall displays are constructed from 1.25” round industrial plumbing pipe and a variety of plumbing connectors which makes it durable and at the same time gives it the urban display look.   

This pipeline outrigger wall display features .05 slots on 1” center that face the wall and are not visible on the front sided of the fixture. The slots will allow you accessorize the wall upright with your choice of available accessories to create a custom wall display unit that will meet your retail display needs.

Our industrial plumbing pipe wall display accessory selection consist of straight 48” long hangrail,  hangrail with two faceouts, shelves and brackets to keep them in place. Combine some or all of our available grey pipeline accessories with the pipeline outrigger in way that best works for you.

If you require assistance selecting or have any questions about our pipeline outrigger display and accessories, please do not hesitate to contact us and one of our product specialists will assist you

Anthracite Grey Pipeline Collection


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