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  • Revolving Tie Rack
    Place one of these attractive rotating tie racks on your showroom floor and display up to 20 different styles of ties on a single revolving tie rack. This spinning display rack can also be used to display belts and variety...
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  • Spinning Tie Display Rack Sign Holder Example
    Display up to 48 different size or styles belts, tier or combination of two on this two level chrome finish spinning tie display racks that can also be used as a belt display rack. Place one on your showroom floor and...
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  • 2 Tier Belt Rack
    Displaying a large number of ties, belts or combination of two on a single retail fixture can easily be achieved with this two lever spinning tie and belt rack. Due to its design, this two-tier spinner rack can be used as...
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  • Two Level Belt Tie Rack
    This two tier adjustable height tie display rack can also be used as a belt display rack due to its flexible design. Display large number of ties, belt or combination of two on a single tie belt rack can easily be achieved...
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Tie and Belt Racks

Here at Product Display Solutions, our ever-growing selection of belt rack, tie rack, and scarf racks consist of freestanding two level and single level spinning tier racks and belt display racks.

Our single level revolving tie rack that can also be used as belt display racks. It features a small footprint and a large number of display hooks. This small single lever spinning tier belt rack is an excellent way to display a large number of ties or belts while occupying a minimal amount of space.

Two level tie and belt racks are available as revolving tie/belt rack or adjustable height tie and belt racks. The two-level set up gives the tie, bel rack the ability to display a large number of the product while occupies a small amount of space and it also makes it easy to display a combination of belt and ties on a single rack.

Find out more about each one of our tie and belt rack by clicking one of the available product or contact us and one of our product specialists will assist you.


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