Countertop Single Accessory Displayer | GREY Pipeline Collection

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16” to 26” Adjustable Height Pipeline Counter Top Display With Cherry Stained Wood Base.
Countertop displays are an excellent way to show off variety of different product. Our single accessory adjustable height pipeline countertop displayer is a stylish and unique display that features 1.25” round anthracite grey plumbing pipe upright and a cherry stained wood base. The industrial pipe construction makes it durable, and it gives it the urban look and feel.
Due to its height adjustability, this pipeline counter top display is capable of displaying a variety different size products. The starting height is 16” and it goes all the way up to 26” in height.
- Anthracite Grey Industrial Pipe Upright
- Cherry Stained Wood BASE
- Adjustable Height Upright
- 4.5 inch Display Arm
- Overall Size: 6.5”L x 8.5”W x 16” to 26”H (length x width x height)
- Faceout Size: 4.25” Long Arm
Base Size: 6.5”L x 8.5”W x .75”H (length x width x height)
- Upright Constructed From: 1 1/4" Steel Plumbing Pipe
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