2 Way Clothing Rack with Slanted & Straight Blade Style Arms | Chrome

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This double sided two way retail display rack features a combination of straight and waterfall display arms, weighted base for stability and push button height adjustable arms. The display arms on this two-way clothing rack are constructed from rectangular tubing. The rectangular arms allow this 2 way rack to blend with any existing rectangular tubing racks already on your showroom floor. Adjusting the height of the arms makes this two-way retail clothing rack capable of displaying a range of different size garments from shirts to full-length dresses. The height of the arms starts at 48” from the ground and will adjust up to 72”H from the ground in 3” intervals.
Combining a straight and a waterfall display arm on a two way retail rack, allows this fixture to be set up in a range of different display set-ups. Most often the slanted arms are used to display clothing color or size variations. The straight arms are used to store and display larger varieties or quantities of the same item.
This two-way rack occupies a minimum amount of space, making it ideal for an environment where space is limited, and a double sided display is more efficient. Place this rack on your retail area or shop, set the arms at the desired height and start displaying your items.
- (1) Straight 16”L x .5"W x 1.5" H rectangular display arm
- (1) Slanted 16”L x .5"W x 1.5" H rectangular arms with 7 retaining studs
- Each arms height can be adjusted every 3" from 48"H up to 72"H
- Double 1” square tubing frame (upright) 
- Swedge receiver for sign holder
- Weighted base for stability  
- CHROME finish 
- Overall Width x Depth: 12" x 34" (width x depth)
- Overall Height Range: 48 (min)" up to  72"(max)
- Base Width x Depth: 12" x 15" (width x depth)
- Arm Face-Out Length: 16" Long
- Frame / Upright: 1" Square (works with add-on arms )
Accepts Arm insert: 83" Square (works with replacement arms)
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